Friday, July 31, 2009

Is my baby 2 months old??? And "My Raybena is coming tomorrow!"

I have been so blessed to hear how much people enjoy reading what I blog about my girls. I was especially touched by comments from an old high school friend. It just makes me want to write more! So thanks guys!

Well I am starting to wonder if my not so little Rayvena is actually two months old. I mean when I had her she was nearly the size of a two month old. The doctor sure couldn't stop talking about how she looked like a two month old! Well here I am at home with four girls and Rayvena being a newborn should be crying all the time. Getting up to feed at all hours of the night...and yet she sleeps! She is the best sleeper we have had! I hate to write any of this down because I feel I might jinx myself! YIKES!!! That would not be good. I actually have to be very honest about the birth of this one. I feel like she has helped me realize a lot of things. I don't want to go into too much detail yet, but connecting with my girls was always hard work for me. I can't quite explain it...but it was. Now I am starting to see why that was, and starting to really not feel so much stress about it. All I have to say is God is good.

So the second part of my blog is about Liliana, who lovingly calls her sister Raybena! So cute! The whole time I was pregnant Lili talked about her baby in her tummy. Today this was our conversation:

"Mama, my Raybena come tomorrow!"
"How exciting!"
"Yes! She is going to pop out my belly button!"
"YIKES! Isn't that going to hurt?"
"No it not hurt. She just pop out!"

So tomorrow we will welcome Liliana's Raybena into our home. I am not sure how this is going to go, and I am starting to think she will be very disappointed when her Raybena doesn't actually pop out of her belly button. I will try to update you all on this tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Making home made products

All of you may think I am crazy for posting this right now. But I am blogging to let everyone know that I make a lot of homemade products and I am interested in selling them. I make things from cleaning supplies to beauty products to pasta! If you are interested in buying any of these items please leave a comment and I will get back to you with products I make and the price.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's in the name?

So many people have been asking what the name Rayvena means. To be honest with you the name really is one we came up with ourselves...but there is a story to it. And it really has two meanings to us.

First. As a family we have been memorizing John 1. So Darrel and I have been talking a lot with the girls about John the Baptist, and as Darrel would say...John just isn't a good name for a girl. Well John was really a messenger of hope. He brought this great news about the Savior and really paved the way for him to come...he baptized Jesus! Well we thought of a Raven. In one place I read "Soaring through the sky in graceful, rag-winged flight, the raven is a messenger heralding transformation and change." How neat is that? Anyway. So we took the name Raven, and for those of you who know us really well Raven just wouldn't do it. So we started looking for endings that sounded good. We ended up using Rayvena. So she is our messenger of HOPE. Rayvena Hope.

Now you may wonder why we spell it Rayvena. Well let me tell you the second part of it all. My dad's middle name is Ray and so far all of our girls have middle names that are family names. We really loved Hope as the middle name and it's not a family name at all. So we spelled Rayvena with a y so that it would have Ray in it and she would have my dad's middle name in her name.

Ok. Now that I have just thrilled the pants off of you or really confused you with my's time for me to take a quick nap! :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rayvena Hope

So I just want to warn you that there may be parts of this you do not want to read. Especially if you are a man and don't want to hear about childbirth or you are about to have your first child. Don't worry though I won't be real graphic of anything.

I can't tell you how blessed I am to have four beautiful and healthy girls. I think back to when I had my first...almost 5 years ago now. I didn't want to have any more kids. Her delivery and first month of life were full of sickness and stress. I will never forget how sick I was during labor and then the pain of not being able to hold my newborn for three days because she had to be in an oxygen hood. Then just a week after we got her home from the NICU she had to go and spend another three days in the hospital. Both times they could never really tell us what was wrong, just that she was sick. Now you would never know she was so sick. She is the healthiest of all our kids! And here I am 4 1/2 years after her birth with four girls! So much for not having more!

My biggest baby to date coming in at a huge 9 pounds 11oz is our wonderful Rayvena Hope! Who would have ever thought? I didn't think I would ever have one over 9 pounds let alone one that is almost 10 pounds!!!

Labor started early in the morning for me. Although Jadelyn was the only other one I went into labor on my own with and I ended up going to the hospital three times before I actually was in active labor. So I was worried the same thing would happen, and being 45 mins away from the hospital I didn't want to have to drive there three times! So I was putting off calling them until I was really sure that I was in labor. Although I did have the thought that I might wait too long and have the baby at home or in the car...not a cool thing for me.

So I made it at a good time. It didn't really feel like I was in labor that long. I guess it would have been about 9 1/2 hours or so. The worst for me was the pushing. I pushed for 2 hours! This might not have been so bad if I had gotten an epidural. I have nothing against epidurals except my last epidural was horrible and the one birth I didn't have one for was great. I healed well and was up and about much faster. So I went into this one not wanting an epidural. I have never pushed for more than 30 mins with any of my babies so I never thought I would have to push for 2 hours. With Scarletta our 17 month old I pushed twice and she was out. 2 hours??? Really??? After finally getting her out I listen to the dr just be amazed at how huge my baby was. No wonder I had to push so long he kept saying that. Then he also mentioned that if it would have been my first baby I would have had a c-section. CRAZY!!!!

So now I am starting to wonder. Do I want to have more babies? Do I want to risk having a bigger baby and really needing to have a c-section. I know that it's to early to think about it all. Right now I just want to marvel at the 4 girls God has given us. What a blessing they are. What a wonder. Never did I think that I would be blessed with 4 wonderful and beautiful girls! Thank you God!

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