Friday, July 31, 2009

Is my baby 2 months old??? And "My Raybena is coming tomorrow!"

I have been so blessed to hear how much people enjoy reading what I blog about my girls. I was especially touched by comments from an old high school friend. It just makes me want to write more! So thanks guys!

Well I am starting to wonder if my not so little Rayvena is actually two months old. I mean when I had her she was nearly the size of a two month old. The doctor sure couldn't stop talking about how she looked like a two month old! Well here I am at home with four girls and Rayvena being a newborn should be crying all the time. Getting up to feed at all hours of the night...and yet she sleeps! She is the best sleeper we have had! I hate to write any of this down because I feel I might jinx myself! YIKES!!! That would not be good. I actually have to be very honest about the birth of this one. I feel like she has helped me realize a lot of things. I don't want to go into too much detail yet, but connecting with my girls was always hard work for me. I can't quite explain it...but it was. Now I am starting to see why that was, and starting to really not feel so much stress about it. All I have to say is God is good.

So the second part of my blog is about Liliana, who lovingly calls her sister Raybena! So cute! The whole time I was pregnant Lili talked about her baby in her tummy. Today this was our conversation:

"Mama, my Raybena come tomorrow!"
"How exciting!"
"Yes! She is going to pop out my belly button!"
"YIKES! Isn't that going to hurt?"
"No it not hurt. She just pop out!"

So tomorrow we will welcome Liliana's Raybena into our home. I am not sure how this is going to go, and I am starting to think she will be very disappointed when her Raybena doesn't actually pop out of her belly button. I will try to update you all on this tomorrow!

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