Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's gone by fast!

So I have about 2 weeks until my due date! I feel so ready for this baby and yet not ready at all. We still haven't really seattled on a name...although we are really leaning towards one. But then there is the whole problem with the middle name. So here I am thinking we are finally so close to a name and now I just realized we are so unsure of a middle name...GREAT! Good thing we usually stick with family names for the middle name...yet we are running out of family names for girls...not good! Maybe we will just start using the same ones over again! Ah the great pains of naming a child...only to have them grow up and hate the name you gave them, and swear that they will never name their child anything like that. Ok...now don't take that as I hate my name. I love my name...I just think it's so common...and if you don't think it's common I think you might be crazy! And I think I might be crazy cause Darrel has talked me into naming our 5th child if it's a girl Sarah!!! What am I thinking??? But when I think about it...it is such a family name. Both of our grandmothers are named Sarah and my great great grandmother is named Sarah. As long as I can find a good middle name that will keep us different I am cool with it. So now that I have a name for my 5th child I need to focus on my 4th childs name. So I am hoping the one we have talked about sticks and we don't change our minds in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

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  1. How about Sarai? The "original" Sarah and also what I used to call you in school! I always thought that was such a pretty name - but also different.


    you could just go all kinds of wild and name her Leeloo ... :)


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