Friday, November 6, 2009

Can they really do that?

So I was listening to NPR news this morning. They had a story about that Morman sect that had a raid at their ranch. A few of the leaders were arrested and charges were brought against some of them for different reasons. Well this week one of the men was convicted with child sexual abuse, which I think is very fair. He had a "religious marriage" to a 15 year old girl. That just boggles my mind. Now they are charging him with bigamy. Now let me set something straight here...I do not think these people are living right. I think that the practice of marrying young girls is wrong and terrible. I aso believe that having more than one wife is wrong...but here is my thought....

How can they charge him with bigamy? Acording to the law he was really only married to one woman. He didn't try and put in marriage license for more than one marriage. He was only "married" to more than one through the church. And if we really have separation between church and state can they really count those as marriages?

How are they any different than a man who cheats on his wife? Or from people who have more than one sex partner? I just don't get this law. It seems to be a bit hipocritical.... I think if they are going to charge these men with bigamy then we need to start charging people who sleep with more than one person at a time...espcially those who do it while they are married. Don't get it. Don't think I ever will. But just thought I would say what I was thinking.

But I must end it with this. I am glad I serve the Lord! I am glad that I don't have to tie myself down with laws and rules that are not put on us by Christ. I serve a GREAT GOD!

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