Friday, May 15, 2009

Am I failing?

I am glad that they don't give out grades for motherhood and housecleaning. I am not sure that I would get a very good grade. I try not to let these thoughts get into my head that I am doing a terrible job, but sometimes you just can't ignore them. Sometimes it's just so loud in my head. Mainly it's the days that my kids are going crazy and it seems like I get nothing done around the house. But I know the next day will be different. I just keep remembering that I can do this...not on my own of course...but I know that I can overcome these feelings. I think if I were to ask my kids they would say I am doing a great job! :) Maybe they would give me an A!


  1. Some days I feel the same way and I only have one child!We are typically hardest on ourselves. I'm sure you're doing a wonderful job Sarah!

  2. yesterday I found a nasty poo trail throughout the house, my son 'tried' to do dishes and spelled and broke them instead, my daughter got a black eye from falling out of bed, I tried to spend time in worship with God only to be interrupted time and again by telemarketers. The kids found the nail polish and painted their new bed mattress and their which still hasn't come out. I didn't get laundry done, the dishes cleaned, the table is full of bills and papers, the living room full of dora, rain boots, book bags and misc. stuff. I went to bed feeling a failure because I hadn't managed a thing. I woke up determined to get it done and well.. I think I maybe got about 1/4 to 1/2 of it! Then it hit me. This list that I create I create myself. The kids want me, not seeing my back at the kitchen sink. They want me to smile when they pretend play, not shove them away to get to my list. I know I will disappoint them, all parents do. We aren't perfect..we are parents. But I praise God that He see's our hearts. That we have loving husbands who (even if they don't really understand it) can put an arm around us and say "it'll be okay" In the end, we face Christ for what we did with Him..not what we did with the house. :) Hope you feel better. Your are not alone!!! So I've got to go..the lemonade showed up in the living room, my 4 year old riding the toy stroller and my 2 year old is MIA and very quiet.. after all...children are on loan from God to us sigh.. I really hope there isn't a test!


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