Thursday, May 28, 2009


So I didn't really think anyone took the time to read my blog, but then I saw all these comments on my blog the other day and I felt so blessed! THANKS GUYS! You all rock!

So we are having quiet time in the house right now. Most days quiet time isn't all that quiet and I usually end up spending the whole time answering questions that Jadelyn has thought up during the day. Don't get me wrong, I love that my little ones are so curious and want to know about everything, but really I can only take so many questions. I can only answer so many of them since I don't really know the answer to them all. A lot of times I find myself telling her to ask her dad when he gets home. And she doesn't forget to ask him every single question that mom didn't answer. I guess one thing I am just so thankful for is that she has never gotten into the Why question stage...that would really drive me nuts! I actually have a few minutes. We had a great playdate today with some friends at the park and had a picnic with them. It was a great time. It's really awesome to have friends who have kids the same age as mine so that the girls have some playmates. I also enjoy the adult conversation! Sometimes I think I start to sound like a little kids because I just start talking like they do! It's funny!

Liliana's birthday party is coming up on Saturday! Crazy!!! She is going to be 3 on June 2nd! CAN IT REALLY BE??? I feel like I just had her...ok so really it feels like I just had all of them! But I am in a place where my kids just keep getting bigger and bigger and just realizing that there is nothing I can do about it! I can only pray that I am doing a good job and being a good example to them. Sometimes I find myself getting so frustrated with them and yelling at them. I thought to myself...I don't exept that kind of behavior from them, so why am I doing it? Not a very good example Sarah! Shame shame.

The new little one has a little over a month before she comes...I STILL DON'T HAVE A NAME! I think we have a few that we like...but still nothing that really is sticking with us! I know it will come, but I just feel stressed out about it! I feel very unprepared. But ready or or no name...the baby will come!

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