Friday, November 6, 2009

Rock That Flower (Giveaway!)

I want to introduce you to my new baby!
My four little girls have inspired me to do all things girly! They love hats and flowers and I love to get them all dolled up in these things. So I have started my own little line of my own.
Girly hats! Girly headbands! And soon to come....Girly scarves!
And they all come with detachable flowers!
Mix and Match with your girl's favorite outfits!
Hats $20
Headbands $10
Additional Flowers $5
I am so excited about my new project that I am giving one lucky reader a free headband with a flower of their choice! You have till Thursday Nov. 12th to get in on this.
Just leave a comment and tell me what two colors you would want a flower in if you won!
Ready! Set! Go!


  1. hey sarah, thanks for the comment on my blog! (it is so nice to know that other people read my blog. even though we are not keeping in touch directly, it is a way for me to connect to the outside world and share my thoughts). i've seen your flowers before and they are adorable! until sydney can tell me otherwise, i've 'decided' that her favorite colors are orange and pink :) good luck on your flower venture, i hope you get lots of business!!

  2. Here's my comment for the give away... LYLAS Sheena

  3. Jen H. brown pink

  4. Andy B pink purple


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