Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Scarletta Jayne!!!!

Today is my baby's 1st birthday! WOW! Can she already be a year old! At times she seems much younger to me, but today she was seeming much older! She brings such joy in my life and when I see her walking around the house with a purse on her arm it just makes me laugh. She is my little girly girl!

Today we are going to take the three girls to Chuck E. Cheeses, which we do on every birthday. Ok not my birthday, but the girls birthdays. It should be fun! Her birthday party will be on Saturday and I know she will never remember her party but I hope she has fun! We are doing a ladybug theme and I am so excited about it. I made little invites and sent them out. I hope everyone has fun.

Birthdays are such an exciting thing for me. It's the most important day of a persons life. And I am so glad we have so many birthdays to celebrate in our family!


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