Sunday, April 5, 2009

The joy of singing...

There is nothing I really find more enjoyable then just taking time to sit and sing worship songs. I can remember from the time I was a little girl singing was always my favorite part of church. My favorite part of school. My favorite part of life. A lot of my life has been devoted to music, it was a passion that my mom taught me. Now I may not be the best singer or guitar player in the world, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that I am taking the time to spend with God. I know some of you who read this may not understand my passion for worship, you may never have experienced worship like I have, but it's one of the most peaceful and fulfilling times of my life. And day after day I am seeing how it is effecting my girls. Last Sunday in church while I was leading worship my daughters were singing their hearts out. They were truly enjoying their time. Then this morning as I was practicing for worship my oldest came over to me and just started singing the song Enough with me. Sometimes I wonder if they really understand the songs or if they really understand worship. Other times I don't question it at all. They know who God is and they know what it means to worship. It's just something that really makes my heart sing.

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