Sunday, October 18, 2009

Book Review: Redefining Beautiful


Redefining Beautiful
what God sees when God sees You
By Jenna Lucado

This is a wonderful book for teenage girls. It's filled with beauty tips, everything from the many uses of vaseline and tips on making modest the hottest to the importance of forgiveness and inner beauty. The book really all comes down to one point, our earthly fathers have a lot to do with how we relate to people. Not just our friends, but also strangers and even the way we see God. Every father has his flaws and no father is perfect except for one, God. He is our perfect Father and there is so much we can learn from Him.

This book brought up an issue that I have hear about a lot, but maybe many people haven't. That depending on how our dads are depends on how well we relate to boyfriends, friends, family, stranger, authority figures and to God. I think it's an issue every girl should be aware of. She had a great way of being able to understand and relate to teenagers. Giving them great beauty tips all keeping in mind that we should be modest and not cause others to stumble.

The part of the book I found the best was the life accessories. There are many material accessories that we can't live without. Lipstick, face powder, hair bows. For each person the accessories are different. But there are other accessories that we shouldn't be without. Security, Identity, value, love, self-control, peace, joy and contentment. She had wonderful stories and examples of how to have these in our lives. It was also set up with areas where girls can feel a part of the book and write in their answers to questions she asks. It was really well done and I would recommend this book to all teenage girls...even their moms.

At first I was really excited that her dad Max Lucado was helping write the book. But then I started getting distracted with how is input was added in the book. Always with a title that said "A not from Max" in a little box of it's own. But then I started to like this. It helped us know what input was coming from a father and is perspective on it.


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