Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My kids...

So I just put my kids to bed and just really felt the need to blog about them. As I hear the two older ones messing around in their room & the younger one whimpering herself to sleep...they just make me smile.

I came home from school today to find my mother-in-law and my oldest Jadelyn sitting and reading the Encyclopedia! What is a four year old doing reading that? I sat and watched as she was showing Grammy where all the body parts where on the skeletal man. Now as in body parts I don't mean the hand the foot the head. She was showing her where the liver was, the heart, the lungs, small intestine and large. And she was telling her what each of them did. She has amazed me ever since she was little, but this was a little surprising. Grammy told me that they looked through the whole book pretty much and Jadelyn just asked questions. I remember these times when I am annoyed with her questions...what a great time to teach my kids all they want to know. Jadelyn never gives up...if you don't know the answer she just asks the question in a different way!

Liliana showed me on the picture where the pee pee is held. Sorry if that offends anyone! Her biggest accomplishment lately has been potty training. We put some big girl pants on her and off she went. No more pull ups or anyting...not ever at night! So wonderful! She is such a funny girl. She has these faces that she gives and they just make me laugh everytime...even when I shouldn't when she's in trouble! She has such a tender heart. The second you start to get after her she just breaks down. She hates to have people mad at her...I think she might be a people pleaser. Something I have had a hard time with in my life...hopefully I can teach her at a young age that you can't make everyone happy and every once in awhile someone is going to be upset with you...and that's OK! Liliana is my little singer and performer...and when she is done singing and we clap for her she bows and says thank you thank you. It makes me smile and laugh. YOu actually need to see her do it to really understand how funny it is!! I think I am going to have my hands full with her! She is a tease. She loves to sneak up and take things from people and run away laughing...she's not even 1 yet! Her favorite thing to do is what you tell her not to do...and she shakes her head as she does it. She is her daddy's girl. She LOVES being with him and doing everything with him and just sitting on his lap and hanging out. Oh my you should see her when he puts her down...she screams like her life is about to end. And now as she is sitting in her crib screaming at me...I actually better go get her and see what she needs!

I know that everything I just wrote might go under "bragging about your kids" which some people really don't like. But happy and excited with the things your kids do! Don't try to hide it or feel you need to not talk about it. If you are a mom or a dad reading this...or an aunt or uncle....grandma or grandpa...tell me something that your little kids do that is so sweet and special! I would love to hear about it! Be proud!

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  1. It's so fun to read about your little girls! Each one has a very different personality!

    The smiles and excitement my little Abigail gives me when I get home from work or peek in on her in the morning while daddy is getting her dressed are so precious! She started some major cruising last week and it is so fun getting to see her moving around more & more!


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