Thursday, March 26, 2009


So here we are....April 3rd will be Jadelyn's last day at her school. She has had such a great time there and they are so sad to see her go, and we are sad she won't be able to finish the year out. Here is the exciting news...April 6th we are leaving El Monte and heading to good old Armstrong, IA. How exciting. It will take some getting use to since we are use to always living in the big cities. It will probably be hardest for Darrel since he has never lived in a small town before! We are bless to have a place to ourselves and it has been offered to us for 6 months rent free!!!! We were also hoping to get a house which we signed papers for and still haven't closed on. We got an AMAZING deal on it and we really thought it was for us...but we are starting to think it was not what God wanted us to do!

Both of us had phone interviews with a company there and it went great. We will be going in person once we get into town. Pray pray pray!

We are sad to be leaving friends and family here and really hope that transitioning goes well for all of us!

Much love

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