Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Book Review: Fearless

Imagine Your Life Without Fear

Max Lucado

Because I am a book blog reviewer for Thomas Nelson I was able to get Max Lucado's new book before it was released. It was an amazing book and you are now actually able to get it. Today is it's release date!!!

There are so many things in todays world that makes us worry. I remember hearing a few months ago that people now worry about more things and more often than they ever use it! We are a society that fears so much. We fear the unknown, we fear for our children, we fear there may not be enough money, we fear for our lives....we fear we are not good enough for God. Max Lucado's book takes all of these and shows us through wonderful stories and God's Word why we should live a fearless life. Jesus called us to fear not and to know that He is with us. What an amazing thing to know that a life with Jesus can be Fearless...we just need to trust.

I loved this book because it really dug into God's word and pointed out so many scriptures about not having fear. Jesus really took our fear seriously. He knew that it was something we struggle with.

At times we feel so insignificant. We feel that everyone else is better than us. But God simply tells us that we matter because He made us. We don't have to fear what others think of us. We only need worry about What God thinks of us. And God thinks love towards us. I may feel like a 5th sparrow at times, but I will always think of how highly God thinks of me.

For me sometimes a worst-case scenario will go through my head. I will just be watching my kids at the park and they will be playing on the slide...then suddenly I will picture one of them falling off and breaking something. I don't really mean to starting thinking about this it just happens. But now when this happens I won't start to jump up and try to prevent something that may never happen from happening...I will remember Lord, help me to fear less and trust You more.

Trusting God is something that  has always been hard for me. It's like a life long lesson that until I get to Heaven I don't think I will really get it. Really if trusting God is something you have difficulty with, this book is one for you to read! I strongly recommend it!

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