Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's wrong with my string cheese?

The title of this blog really has nothing to do with what I am writing, but I thought it would grab some people attention. Although I should mention I always do seem to have defective string cheese. The little plastic is always hard to get off! Sigh!

Well I picked up Jadelyn from school yesterday and she was in tears. The teacher was trying to figure out why. Well some boy had yelled at her and hurt her feelings. Jadelyn is very big on the "You hurt my feelings." or "You made my heart sad." Even though she seems like such a strong girl she can have her feelings hurt easily. Well as we were driving home we talked about it a little more. "Morgan told me to scoot in. He used a really mean voice." My eyes opened wide and I said "It was Morgan?" Now you have to know almost everyday Jadelyn comes home talking about Morgan. Morgan this and Morgan that. So my little girl doesn't have any idea about boyfriends and girlfriends, but I have to say she just might have a crush! Darrel and I spent some time talking to her about why Morgan said it in a mean way. Turns out Jadelyn actually hurt his foot when she pushed her chair out. I told Jadelyn she shouldn't be mad at Morgan and she said "I'm not mom. I love Morgan so much! I still love him even though he was mean at me!" Too funny!

So my last post I was extremely frustrated with Jadelyn's school. I am still a bit frustrated, but we may have found the solution. Darrel and I are each going to take a day to help out in the classroom. See how things are going for her. We are starting to do a few things differently at home after school time, and if things don't change by Christmas this is what we will do....
We will send her to a preschool that is only three days a week. Then the other two days we will spend teaching her a home. We will actually do some teaching the other days too. I went to the library the other day and found so many great books to work with. One for reading that will be perfect for Jadelyn! Next year we are pretty sure we will start homeschooling full time. I found a great group of people here who all homeschool their kids and they all get together a lot! That's what I really needed was a group for some support!

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