Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jadelyn & School

I don't want this blog to offend anyone! Jadelyn has had some great teachers and I have some friends who are amazing teachers! So please don't take this badly!

I have been disappointed with Jadelyn's school from day one. First there was the whole issue that we thought she was being made to repeat preschool for no reason. Jadelyn went to preschool last year and she is more than ready to start kinder. The very first day I was so surprised by her attitude. She was snippy and cranky and I just kind of thought maybe it was because she had taken a nap at school. (Sorry, but to me naps at school are a waste of time...and Jadelyn hasn't been taking naps since she was 2). She told me the teacher had to sit a rub her back to put her to sleep. I am wondering why they couldn't just let her lay there with a book or something. Which is sounds like what they have been doing now.

Well Jadelyn's attitude has just been getting worse. She's talking back to me, she's being mean to her sister Liliana and she has stopped listening. Now a lot of you might say that this is just because she is almost 5. That's how 5 year olds are. Sorry...but not mine! Have you ever wondered that maybe the reason some 5 year olds are like this is because they are in school, and maybe in school at a lower level than they should be.

I was sad after the first week when they gave us a sheet that said "Can you believe we did all this?" They did three things a day. Ok maybe they did more, but I was disappointed. Also its sad for me when I ask my daughter what she learned in school today and she says "Nothing new!"

Maybe I just had high expectations for this pre-k since Jadelyn has such a wonderful one last year! Her teachers were amazing and they encouraged Jadelyn in her abilities! Maybe this school hasn't realized Jadelyn's level yet? But...sigh...I remember my home visit I had with the teacher. I was explaining to her some of what Jadelyn was doing. She can count to 100, she can count by 10s, she knows all her letter sounds. And I remember when she asked if there was anything we wanted them to work with Jadelyn on...I said reading. Jadelyn is really starting to read and she will pick up a book and just start reading and then coming and asking for help if she needs it. And yet the whole time I knew the teacher didn't believe me on any of it.

Darrel and I know that we want to homeschool our kids. And we were putting them in preschool to help them socially, but honestly I think it's starting to hurt Jadelyn. She is regressing and starting to act younger. It's so frustrating for me.

This is what really got to me. Jadelyn has been wanting homework. She loves having a little book to bring home and practice works and such...but she always forgets to ask her teacher. Well Jadelyn was so proud of herself today because SHE REMEMBERED!!! She came and told me she remembered to ask for homework and her teacher said she gave her some. Jadelyn said it was called the Family PAT. I get home to find out it was a fund-raiser booklet! Jadelyn was asking me when she was going to do her homework. I told her I would have to make some for her. So I got out her homework book and she worked on some words. But she asked me why I gave her the book from her old school. I told her that her teacher didn't give her homework. She said "Why did she tell me a lie." How sad that my child so badly wants to learn, and yet it feels like no one wants to help her. That all my little girl wants is a paper with some words to practice and the teacher just passes off a fund-raiser has home work.

I am very close to just taking her out of school and starting homeschool now. It frustrating because I spend the time she gets home from school working on her reading and writing, because she doesn't get it at school. So is sending her to school just a waste of time? I think it is!

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  1. A thought crossed my mind and I'll share it with you. What if you gave yourself a time limit..say six months. If it hasn't improved by then you can act with just cause. Meanwhile during the next six month do some homeschool with her. I can send you sights that I go to and print off actual teaching plans/papers/etc.. and you can school her. She can have her morning school. Then come home for fun school and homework. Continue to challenge her. As her mother NO ONE knows her abilities like you do. DON'T let anyone tell you what you should do based on another child. She is special, God made ONE of her. You know her best. You need to do what is best for her. So challenge her to grow, learn, feed that hunger. Allow her to remain in school. If after a while it's calmed down maybe it was just an issue with a teacher or classmate or not being challenged. If it continues... deal with it then.

    Again... I feel hypocritical because I'm giving you that advice based on my own son who is NOT your girl..

    But that is what we faced. We waited 7 months. Now he is himself again, and at 4 years old reads letters, writes the ABC's and more! He had the hunger but needed someone who was interested in feeding it.

    I'll be praying for you. If you keep her in I'll pray for the school too. Never easy with children..and it seems to worsen during the school years.


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