Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When Jesus tells better! I was thinking about how lame it was that my last two blogs were book reviews! How did I not find the time to get on here and blog about my cute kids? Or my fun projects? I don't know...

Well anyway here is a great story for you about how my girls teach me so much! Jadelyn and Liliana (formerly known as Lili...she has know decided she likes Liliana best!) were playing pretend. Jadelyn was being Jesus and Liliana was a lame person.

Jadelyn said "Get up and walk!"
Liliana answers "I can't walk!"
Jadelyn says "When Jesus tells you to get up and walk you better get up and walk!"

WOW! My daughter get it! She understands something that has taken me years to really get. When Jesus tells us to do something we better step out in faith and do it! So many times I don't want to get up, take my mat and walk because I am too scared. I say...but God what if your wrong? What if this won't work? Or I simply say I can't! But this is the faith of a 4 year old...when Jesus says get up and walk you better get up and walk!

Thank you God for giving me such great kids who teach me so much about you!

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