Saturday, September 19, 2009

Please Please PLEASE give my whole family a cold!

That's right. Almost all of us have colds. Four little stuffy noses, four little sore throat, four little fussy kids. And here I am one big stuffy nose, one big sore throat, and one big fussy kid. I think today Darrel is happy to be a work! Not that he would mind taking care of us all...but I think all of our fussing might get to him. But when you think of it what would be better....5 girls at home who are fussy and have colds or 20 teenage girls who aren't happy with anything? I think I might pick the five of us at home. I think by the end of his day he might be wishing he could have called into work sick!

My cold thankfully is not that bad...otherwise I might not be able to function to help my little ones. So since today is sick day, we are going to all cuddle on the couch, watch movies, eat popcorn and have some 7up. Ok not all of us are going to have 7up and popcorn, but those who can will.

Last weekend our family went to family camp. I completly forgot to write about this! We had an awesome time! I didn't really enjoy the ride there and back. We constantly heard "Are we almost to family camp?" "Are we almost home?" "When are we going back to family camp?" And this was a 5 hour trip! The camp was great! It started with a camp fire and bannana boats(not really a fan of mushy!) Then the next day we had pony rides for the girls and trail rides for Darrel and I. The girls were so excited! Liliana who just loves horses would not stop talking about the horse she got to ride. She was a bit sad though because they didn't have any blue horses! Jadelyn and Liliana will be talking about family camp for such a long time...possibly until we go back again! Even though by the end of camp the girls were tired, unhappy, whinning and cry for no apparent reason...we LOVED it! We also ran into a college friend. Very random. She led worship and it was amazing!

Well going to go put a movie in so we sickies can veg on the couch.

Much love

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