Saturday, January 17, 2009

Psalms 127:3

Psa 127:3 Children are a blessing and a gift from the LORD.

After we found out we were having our third baby we had some people say a few things to us. Mostly they just asked if we were done having kids. Not a bad thing to ask people just want to no. We always said we were not sure. Which for us was the best answer we could give. But oh my now that we are having our 4th child the comments come even stronger. People say what they really meant to say before. People think we are pretty crazy and can't believe we would even think of having more than 3. Four kids we must just be crazy. People have asked everything from "Are you ok with this?" to "Do you know what your getting into?" and I also had someone at a doctors office ask me if I wanted to know what my options are! Are you for real people? The one that gets me the most is "Do you know what birth control is?" Just to let you know I've been on that....know what guessed it I got pregnant anyway! We made the choice a while ago just to put it in Gods hands. I believe that he will give us wisdom when we have gotten as far as we should go. To us Children are a blessing and really that's what God meant them to be. It seems we have gone to far in this direction that kids are a bother to our lives. That they make life more complicated. To me they make my life richer. To think that God has given me these little ones to love and teach and guide in the right direction. What a huge honor that is! I think what makes me most sad about all the comments is that they mainly come from Christians. The non-Christians are the ones who seem to be most excited for us. It all seems to backwards to me. I know that this may just seem like I am complaining. But really I just want it to be known that I love my children and to me everyone of them is a blessing!

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