Monday, January 19, 2009


Is it true that we are only in a place for a time or for a season? Does God call us to do something just for a bit of time? My life seems so crazy to some and I agree that my life is a little crazy at times. We seem to have moved more in the last four years than I did the whole time I was growing up. But we have felt so called to one place...we have felt called to Asia, but yet it feels like we are never going to get back there. Is it that we aren't trying hard enough to get back? Is it that God has something different for us to do now? It's so hard to ignore the call we felt from him. If it is that God has something different for us to do I wish that we could understand it. I wish we knew what it was.

I ask that you guys pray for us that we really understand what God has for us. That we know what our next step really should be.

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