Sunday, January 25, 2009

What's the chance?

Today at church a lady gave a testimony. Last week she was talking about this lady who cut in front of her at the store and how she went off on this lady. She really thought this lady was wrong in what she did and she really let her know it!

She said this last week she felt like God was really talking to her and telling her she needed to apologise. That it wasn't about if the lady did something wrong or not it was about how she reacted and treated the lady. Was it the way God would have dealt with it. Not that we can be like God...we can't be perfect. But sometimes we need to put aside our emotions and show the love of Christ.

Anyway she told God...I will tell her I am sorry the next time I see her. So here we are...we live in LA what are the chances that she will see this lady ever again. But she did at her clinic. But she felt like it wasn't the right time. Then again she saw her...but she didn't think it was the right time. She thought ok next time for sure I will do it. All the time thinking in the back of her head that she would never see her again. But there she was. So she said "Hey I want to talk to you." But the lady didn't stop. She said "I want to say I am sorry." So the lady stopped. She said "I'm a Christian, which doesn't mean I am perfect, but I am forgiven. And I want to say I am sorry."

What a humbling story. I will think of this every time I have a bad attitude about someone in a store who wrongs me. Ok...even if I am not in the store!

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